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How Long Does Physical Therapy Take for Different Injuries

How Long Does Physical Therapy Take for Different Injuries


Knowing how long physical therapy takes is helpful when getting treatment for an injury. It puts your mind at ease, hoping you will get back to optimal use of your body.

Similarly, if you are wondering how long physical therapy sessions last, there are several factors to consider. These factors include the treatment approaches, individual progress, and injury type.

Therefore, if you have an injury and require help, this article is for you. It will help you understand physical therapy, the factors that affect it, and much more.

Understanding the Role of Physical Therapy

Understanding the Role of Physical Therapy

To answer the question, “How long is physical therapy?” you must understand its role. In simple terms, physical therapy refers to a rehabilitative treatment strategy that includes modalities, workouts, and techniques that aid healing.

It allows helps injured patients recover from injuries, restore physical purpose, and prevent future problems or complications. As such, physical therapists regularly help injured patients know how long physical therapy takes by developing personalized treatment options.

Factors Influencing Physical Therapy Duration

Factors Influencing Physical Therapy Duration

To determine a physical therapy timeline, therapists consider factors that affect therapy duration. These factors include:

  • Individual Progress: For some people, physical therapy takes a few weeks due to their body type, dedication, and consistency. While for others, treatment can take months or years due to a lack of commitment.
  • Injury Severity and Type: The injury severity and type affect the physical therapy timelines. Complex injuries, including large muscle tears and multiple fractures, may require extended rehabilitation.
  • Treatment Plans: Different treatment plans affect how long physical therapy takes. Therefore, approaches with multiple moving parts take longer than simple strategies.
  • Age and Health: Individuals with multiple comorbidities require more time to heal. Likewise, older people may need more attention during their treatment.

Common Injuries and Their Recovery Timelines

Common Injuries and Their Recovery Timelines

In general, some injuries occur more often among people. As such, their recovery time is easy to estimate. Below are common injuries and their recovery timelines.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Issues with ligaments, tendons, and muscles constitute musculoskeletal injuries. In most cases, recovery takes a few weeks. However, severe tears may require surgical interventions, which prolong healing to a few months.

Joint Injuries

Damage to the shoulders or knees are common joint injury people frequently experience. Therefore, if you are wondering how long does physical therapy takes for these problems, the duration will vary depending on the affected joint.

For example, knee injuries may take months to heal as the joint bears a lot of weight. However, with proper care, shoulder injuries can resolve in a few days.

Spinal Injuries

Unlike other problems, spinal injuries require special care. In particular, slipped discs or damaged vertebras can take a long time to resolve. Therefore, patients require consistent physical therapy to address the problem.

Neurological Injuries

Among all other problems, neurological injuries are the most challenging to predict. Severe damage to parts of the nervous system can take years to rehabilitate. Therefore, knowing how long physical therapy takes for this condition is almost impossible.

Tips for a Successful Physical Therapy Journey

Tips for a Successful Physical Therapy Journey

If you choose to undergo physical therapy, your goal should be recovery. Therefore, you should embrace anything that enhances your well-being. For this reason, the tips below should help you achieve a successful physical therapy journey.

Sticking to Treatment

Physical therapy is a grueling task. In most cases, it will test your resolve at every turn.

As such, adhere to the treatment plan by performing the recommended activities, stretches, and workouts. Doing this should help you reach your goal.

Work with Experts

If you want your treatment to be successful, ensure you only work with trained and experienced physical therapists. Qualified individuals should give you the best care based on your condition.

Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

If you are unsure how long physical therapy takes, the food you eat and what you drink have a direct effect on your recovery. Thus, ensure you eat a balanced diet full of all the nutrients that aid body repair. In addition, staying hydrated helps your body’s healing mechanism.


You may be tempted to push yourself to fitness. However, too many workouts can break you or lead to another injury. As such, you must rest a few days a week. Doing this should give your body the time to recover from stress.

If you live in Maricopa County and require injury rehabilitation, consider searching for physical therapy in Gilbert, Arizona. A careful search should lead you to the best care you can ask for.

Collaboration Among Physical Therapists

Collaboration Among Physical Therapists

In most cases, physical therapists do not work in isolation. They regularly work and consult with other professionals in the healthcare industry, especially when determining how long physical therapy takes.

Engaging in physical therapy does not mean you will only engage with one person. Instead, your trainer may speak with or ask you to see other therapists and doctors who are specialists in specific fields. Therefore, consistent collaboration between these experts usually leads to better results.

The collaborative relationship that exists between leads to:

Comprehensive Evaluation

Your physical therapist may be a specialist in a specific area. During your assessment, you may have problems with other parts of the body. When this happens, the therapist may ask you to seek another expert for a better review.

Likewise, some conditions may require the input of doctors, especially physicians, surgeons, or neurologists. As such, your therapist must work with these people for a comprehensive evaluation of your condition.

Treatment Plan Development

Making a comprehensive evaluation leads to treatment plan development. Likewise, this process may require the input of more than one specialist for recovery.

This approach is particularly crucial for individuals who play sports like golf. Speaking of golf, golfers can enhance by working with the Origin Rehabilitation and Performance Physical Therapists for Driven Golf Performance & Sports Physical Therapy.


To know how long physical therapy takes, you should understand the role of this treatment approach. Likewise, one should learn about the factors that influence physical therapy timelines.

Learning about common injuries helps you know their recovery timelines. Furthermore, following the tips for a successful physical therapy journey should aid your recovery. Finally, physical therapists must collaborate with other specialists to ensure positive outcomes.

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