ACL Return To Sport Program


ACL Return-To-Sport

  • A program built to begin your journey before you even have ACL surgery
    • Pre-surgery consultation to prepare you for your rehab after your surgery.​
  • 1-on-1 care which is crucial for getting you better than you were before your ACL tear
  • Includes thorough testing to make sure you are ready to compete in sports again, decreasing your risk of re-tear.
  • Athletes should stay athletes as they recover from their injury so they are ready to compete when they complete their rehab.
    • That is why ACL patients receive a full performance training program built into their rehab to prepare for when they return to their sport.
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Virtual ACL Return To Sport

  • A program built to help athletes who don’t have access to high quality sports performance rehab.
  • Includes all of the same aspects as our in clinic ACL program​
    • ​​​60 minute visits over zoom or Microsoft teams
    • Pre-rehab to prepare you for surgery
    • Exercises and rehab program is performed through an app that is easy to follow, records the athletes progress, includes instructional videos and cues, and tracks readiness to complete a workout.
    • Testing to make sure you are ready to return to your sport
    • Check in calls weekly with the athlete to address questions​
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Research Lead Care

  • 95% of athletes receive 6 months or less of rehab
    • Athletes who receive 6 months or less or rehab are 7x more likely to retear their ACL
    • Origin’s ACL return to sport last 9-14 months depending on the athletes needs
  • Only 42% of athletes return to their sport after an ACL Tear
    • This is due to low quality rehab and a lack of addressing athletes fears
    • Origin’s ACL program is built based off research which has shown that high quality rehab can increase return to sport rate to 87%
  • Rehab based off of old research and traditional concepts has lead to re-tear rates of 25%
    • Origin uses a sports medicine and sports performance approach to decrease the risk of retear down to 5% or less​

Why Origin For Your ACL Rehab

Origin’s physical therapists are trained not only as doctors of physical therapy, but also strength and conditioning certified coaches. This leads to the athlete receiving a complete rehab to sport process which includes sports performance training to create an athlete that performs at a higher level than before their injury. This also allows the clinician to work with the athlete one-on-one for their entire 9-14 month rehab, which has shown to improve patient outcomes, gone are the days of being passed off to a rehab tech in a packed clinic that is not tailored to athletes.