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The origin rehabilitation and performance Virtual Consultation

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- Cole B.

“I began working with Jake at Origin after 2 attempts and months of time spent working with other physical therapists doing basic exercises. I was dealing with back pain that was keeping me from squatting or deadlifting. For over a year every time I tried to squat or deadlift, I would worry about feeling a tweak in my back that would put me down for a week or 2 and radiate pain down my leg. Working with the other therapist helped decrease my pain but it did not help me take care of the constant back tweaks when lifting. Jake’s approach at Origin was a way different experience. Jake helped me with my workout programming and found other issues outside just my back leading to the tweaks. He spent one-on-one time with me and made sure I understood how we were going to address my back pain and work back into deadlifting and squatting again. After completing my rehab with Jake I am now able to workout with the worry of pulling my back out.”

What Do You Get With The Origin Rehabilitation and Performance Virtual Consultation?

Great question! Here is what you will get…

45 Minute Consultation With A Doctor of Physical Therapy

This comprehensive consultation will focus on solving the root cause of your pain and making sure you fully understand why you have pain

Get An Accurate Differential Diagnosis

Learn all of the possibilities or root causes that could be WHY you are experiencing your pain and symptoms

Breakdown & Review Other Patient Cases Similar To Yours

See what exactly happened with other patients with the same or similar diagnosis and how they recovered

Live Q&A Time With Your Specialist

You will have plenty of time to ask any questions you may have about pain treatment, outcomes, etc…


24/7 Unlimited Messaging Access to Your Doctor of Physical Therapy
No need to wait days and weeks to ask a questions. Call, text or email your thoughts at any time and get instant feedback


Get A Customized Video Based Program
Now that we know what is wrong, we work on fixing it! Get an individualized home program for you to start with day 1!

The Origin Rehabilitation and Performance Virtual Consultation

Take The First Step Towards Getting Pain Free And Real Relief From Home

No Questions Asked!

Yes…This is correct! No one in health care offers this! Not only do we guarantee your money back, but if you don’t like the online telehealth consultation, or if you feel the treatment is not working, if you don’t like the results you are getting, we believe that you should not have to pay for treatment if it doesn’t work. So we will give it all back to you. No questions asked. No hard feelings.