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Why Origin Rehab & Performance


Sports Rehab Built For Athletes

ORIGIN recognizes as an athlete you are different so your rehab should be too. ORIGIN creates a plan of care with returning to your sport as the goal. This means building a rehab process for you that looks like the sport you going to return to.

Perform At a Higher Level Than Before Your Injury

ORIGIN helps you bridge the gap between injury and performance by keeping you in the gym, or training, while addressing your injury. Your plan of care is built to maximize your performance, unlike conventional healthcare which is targeted to get you back to “good enough”.

Transition To a Sports Performance Program Built For You

ORIGIN offers training programs built around your previous injuries, or to transition you back into full training after an injury. These programs are made by someone who understands where you have been, where you currently are, and where you want to go to achieve maximum performance, and health for life.

Cash-Based Model: Working Around Insurance Barriers

Cash-Based Model: Working Around Insurance Barriers Traditional insurance based model has put providers in a bind. Decreased reimbursement rates have caused clinics to become patient factories. Leading to you being passed of to a rehab tech after 15 minutes of talking to your therapist, or being treated by a new therapist every visit.

ORIGIN values your health and time.

‚ÄčORIGIN offers all of its services as cash pay. This allows for more 1:1 time with the patient leading to more effective and efficient care. Creating treatment plans to keep you healthy and performing for the long run. This results in fewer visits, no co-pays, and no surprise bills.

ORIGIN provides patients with a bill they can submit to their insurance as an out of network provider for partial or full reimbursement for each visit.

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Invest In Care That Invests In You

1:1 care allows ORIGIN to see you for less visits per week. This decreases missed time at work, school, and with your family and friends. It also allows ORIGIN to create a long term plan for your health.

Care Targeting You And You Only

Standard Physical Therapy

  • Average time with therapist 1-on-1 = 15 minutes
  • Average visits per week = 3 visits
  • Goal is to get you back to 90% function.
  • See multiple therapist throughout your plan of care.
  • Conventional therapy model.
  • No sports performance trainging during rehab.

Origin Rehabilitation and Performance

  • Average time with therapist 1-on-1 = 60 minutes
  • Average visits per week = 1 visit‚Äč
  • Goal is to get you better than you were before the injury.
  • See the same therapist every visit for the entire visit.
  • Movement Based Model improving your overall health
  • Includes sports performance training with rehab.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Origin Rehabilitation And Performance in Chandler

4+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Katie M

“I had been dealing with shoulder pain when working out for years until I started working with Jake. My left shoulder would always lag when doing pressing motions in the gym. Working with Jake at Origin completely solved this problem. Jake at Origin was very thorough in his assessment of my shoulder, and by the end of the session I had a way better understanding of why my left shoulder was weaker than my right, and why everything I had been doing the past was not working. He explained to me the process working towards improving my movement and programmed a complete therapy program that I could add into my gym routine (this made it so convenient). I no longer deal with shoulder pain after pressing days. I would recommend Origin to anyone who wants to get back to performing at a high level or being active again!”

- Zach L.

“I joined the strength and performance program at Origin after doing a different online program for a few months. I have just recently gotten into weightlifting and was looking for more guidance than the app I was using was providing. I really like how the Origin’s program is built for me and my goals specifically instead of the generic programs that I was using previously. It is also nice knowing if I ever get hurt, I can just see one of the therapists at Origin and they already know my skill level with lifting. Jake does my programming, and since he is also a physical therapist, he can program around any past injuries I have had easily. If you are looking for a personalized strength training program, I would highly recommend giving it a shot!”